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About the ABFM


The mission of the Acton-Boxborough Farmers Market is to showcase local sustainable agriculture and promote organic practices; to educate the public on food and agriculture topics; to provide for direct, informed relationships between farmers and consumers; and to benefit local farmers and the local economy, as well as public health, community vitality, and regional environmental and economic sustainability.


Planning for the Acton-Boxborough Farmers Market began in 2008 with a small group of local folks who wanted to help promote a local, sustainable food system by bringing information and purchasing opportunities to the public. 

The ABFM began as a question in Jennifer's mind one day as she rode the train home from work in Boston: "Where's the closest farmers market?" And then, "Hey — why doesn't Acton have one?!" The die was cast, the first season launched in 2009, and we haven't looked back!

We are happy to provide the community with opportunities for learning more about food and agriculture, sustainability, and their relationship to human and environmental health!